Thursday, October 06, 2011

Disappearing Sandpoint landmarks....

So many people walked thru these doors... So many people window shopped here... Do you know what they were seeing thru those windows? Well, if you are from Bonner County, you know you were looking at the newest model of cars sold at Taylor-Parker ...

I am sure one of the most popular salesmen was and is Pat Garvey, as he is at their new digs out in Ponderay.. So looking for a Chevie, Buick...and etc... well, not here anymore..... it belongs to the hospital now..

So many people walked this lot, looking at the newer models...but the walk my husband and I did, was at the rear of this lot.. that is where the used cars and trucks were. I did buy a Bronco from the used car lot section about 15 years ago.

You can see the wrecking pole that will start today to dismantel this building down to the ground over the next 3 weeks... So next year I guess we will see that the hospital puts here.

And how many of us in Bonner County walked the floors in this building. Looking and choosing what we wanted... a freezer and couch 15 years ago for me.

While down taking pictures I came across this pole across the street from the car dealership...

and this is the English side of it ...


stebbijo said...

Thanks for keeping me up to date!

Yep, I remember them all. Bought a used work pickup from a "used" salesman, I won't mention the name of at the Taylor-Paker lot. ;-)

I got a kitchen table set at the furniture store and new carpet. There are not a whole lot of those older buildings I don't have some experience to tell, after all I was born in Sandpoint, Idaho - and now I have two birthdays because they thought I was so special. :-)

When I drove through a couple weeks ago, I noticed it. Seems like a smart move for the hospital to buy it up.

The bypass about made my eyes fall out of my sockets, I do like the nice little mountain etchings into the concrete though, if you like concrete.

I hope they just leave Hope and Clark Fork, alone.

When I drove by the old courthouse it looked like they were all in prison, which might be fitting for some of them. :-) I hope those guys just stay out of town. Are there plans for them to actually return or will they stay out there by Dover?

Word Tosser said...

Stebbijo, it seems the court house has become a pandora box... with more problems than they had thought, so now they are trying to figure out what to do... I forgot how many hundreds of thousands they already have into it, and it is no where near being occupied.