Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Disorganized Organization

I am frankly confused when I read about the organization of the OWS group.
(that is Occupy Wall Street). First off, not all of them are in New York where
Wall Street actually is. Seems like a lot of towns have their own group. Even some of the small towns (compared to New York).

I haven’t really paid much attention to mass crowds who protest. It rarely gets anywhere, but I also wonder if all of the group is there for the right or same reason.

Many years ago, we all remember the groups of protestors of the 1960’s. Most of them were college age and a lot of them were on the college grounds.. But one of the things that came out, that there were people who showed up to these groups to make more trouble than the ones who really organized the protest. That they had no real interest of the protest, but they like to stir up the crowd and get them into a frizzy, and step back and watch. Getting glee from the riots they had cause. This came out in the famous Kent College riot that ended up with the National Guard shooting some students, some which died.

So I wonder about this new group, which seem more like a FLASH MOB, which has become the newest rage of the past couple years. That is where they email, text a large group to show up where ever. Most of them are harmless. You see them on the internet on U-tube… singing hymns, or other such things.

As I watch on the news, and some of the people they have interviewed, they don’t seem to be very organized except for the fact they are all there. They have almost a community among themselves. They have free food, free physical therapy, (they showed people receiving back rubs for stress) free medical help and other things that are free to those who show up. Which makes me wonder, how many showed up just for the freebies.

Also, when they interviewed several… none of them seem to know what they wanted. When the reporter asked, what bill do you want to have passed to fix what you are protesting for… the person had kind of a blank look on their face and then mumbled something about, they didn’t think there was a bill that would fix it. Some were asked what did they hope to have happen at the end of the protesting… and what did they really want? And again, the blank face, and said I don’t really know. There was at least 8 people, who were asked these questions, and none of them seem to know exactly what they wanted. Also they were upset with banks, but it was the stock market they were blocking..

Another thing that was kind of funny to me… was they were protesting big companies. And those with stock on the stock market. What made this funny to me, was the fact that one gal had a name brand jacket on, while carrying a lab top computer. I don’t know if it was an Apple or a Microsoft type, but that seems to be kind of counter productive.. It would be kind of like a PETA protesting while eating a hamburger. I was shown a site that is suppose to state what their leaders want, but that too was first off confusing.. and not practical.. more like the combo of Ron Paul and the Tea Party." Don’t know how accurate it is…

I don’t mind protestors, but I hate the ones who decided to block traffic, so no one can get thru. A few years ago, there was one in Seattle… caught up in it was a woman, whose small children get home about an hour after she gets off work.
She was stuck in the traffic blockage for 5 hours… this was before cell phone were really popular. Also was a woman who went to town to the doctor, and got stuck in the same traffic… her handicapped husband was home, and she was suppose to be there giving his meds… and couldn’t. When you block traffic for that long without thinking about those it will effect, that is criminal. Protest all you want.. just don’t put others in harms way.

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