Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Is It?

Is it A.D.D. or is it the toilet paper roll syndrome?

The toilet paper roll syndrome, I have talked about before.. That is when you discover your life is like a roll of toilet paper, your life seems to be unraveling at a faster pace at 70 than it was at 30. Time just flies, and you get the feeling of so much to do, so little time.

A.D.D. of course, every one knows what that is… Attention Deficiency, where you can’t keep on subject. I thought in the years past, it wasn’t I wasn’t staying on subject, because I was..I thought of it as multi-tasking… Any woman who is a wife, mother and has a job… even those without outside of the home jobs, are asked to do many things. You are a taxi driver, merchandised inventoryor.. meaning you know where everything is in the house, that belongs to everyone in the house, even if you never saw it come into the house. Because your husband will ask where is his favorite shirt, even though he knows it is hung in the closet where you put it after you either washed it or picked it up from where he dropped it… Your child will want to know where their homework is, a special toy, and many other things they have dropped somewhere. All of this while running the household, paying bills, grocery shopping, cooking meals and etc.

But now I find myself having a hard time just sitting. Sitting watching a movie, sitting reading a book, or the newspaper and etc.. because while I am trying to sit there and enjoy those times, my mind is going 90 mph, thinking, well, I will go do this, or I should be doing that… And a lot of times bolting off of the couch, chair or what ever to do some of it. Some times it drives the King nuts.. after all he thinks I should be sitting there watching the movie.. But I am not gone long.. after all I am either throwing another load of wash in the washer, or starting the dish washer.. and etc And I can watch the movie while I am reading a magazine. I do slightly better on rainy days, rainy days seem to blog me down.

And right now I see the sun coming out, and I feed off of the sun.. makes me feel so good, and here I am typing a blog… soooooooooooooooooooo got to go…Outside is calling me…
Hope you enjoy the sunny day too……

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