Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I. AM. BORED...!!

Yesterday was boring… today doesn’t look much better.
I did the wash, mopped the floors, straighten up the living room.
Decluttered the table… and then it was 10 am…

I read some magazines, I do have some books… but I am bored.
I have things I could do.. like clean out my file cabinet, declutter
my big desk in the back room.. but I don’t feel like it… I am bored…

After a fun and busy summer, between the remodel and doing the
yard, this is a let down.. It is going to be a long winter at this rate.

Even the dog and cats are bored… they slept most of yesterday away.


MLove said...

I kept busy throughout the morning because the weather allowed me to do things outside.

Then came the rain and later came the realization that I was ready to doze off around 7:30. It was a struggle to stay active/awake until just after 8 p.m.

This morning I'm thinking this is the beginning of some long, long months ahead----mainly because of short days.

So, you're among friends.

Parker said...

Only boring people get bored.

Word Tosser said...

LOL... COS.. are you saying I am boring.. lol...
Ah, says the man from the sunshine state... you can go out every day.. I guess because I had a great summer and was so busy, that I am not ready for the slower pace winters.. Thanks for stopping by Cos.