Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Life is not fair....

That is what I use to tell my kids… That if they are waiting for life to
be fair, they will miss out… because life is never fair. This conversation
usually started because one of my son’s thought life should be fair.. as
He was always saying, “it’s not fair.”

He wanted every thing, right down the line to be fair… I use to have to divide up M&M to colors, exact amount of M&M AND the exact amount of colors per child.. ( had to eat the leftovers, and that is why I was fat.. that was my excuse and I am sticking to it)…. So when he grew up, I figured he was going to be a civil rights lawyer, as he always wanted things to be fair.

But I learn fast that life is not fair… I can remember an article in the Sunday paper the Parade in the 1980’s… about the CEO’s of companies bonuses. I don’t recall all the companies they talked about, but it cover quite a bit.. But I do remember the Sears guy got $700,00!!!! BONUSES.. A bonus of $700,000… do you understand this.. a bonus.. on top of the hundreds of thousands he already got for his job.

I am sorry, but I don’t believe people should get bonuses when they are already over paid for a job, like most CEO’s are. After all where can you work where you get fired and still get money. They fired the CEO for K-mart quite a few years ago, and he got a firing package… FIRING PACKAGE? The only firing package I got was a pink slip… This CEO, who got fired… got millions worth of stock in the company..plus a pay off… Have you ever been fired and they paid you on top of it? Unheard of, in 99% of the jobs. And a $700,000 BONUS.. which is more than 80% of the nation makes a year… And now, I understand it is millions they get instead of hundreds of thousands. And they wonder why the nation is fed up?
You wonder why there are OCCUPY (fill in the town) protest going on?

The people don’t want a hand out, they just want a fairness in it all. They understand they don’t have the education of a CEO of banks or any other company… but they just want fairness. The CEO’s get paid plenty.. but you got to understand without all the little people who are making the product, selling the product, they are just as important as the CEO. So outlaw bonuses… bring on an even tax… straight across the board, no deductions… for anyone.. I thought 30 years ago, if we had a straight across the board 7% income tax for everyone.. from the ditch digger to the CEO… with no tax breaks.. the country would have enough money.

So when people see that the CEO’s get a high wage in the first place, get tax breaks that the average joe doesn’t, and then stack on top of that HUGE BONUSES.. well, like they said on the movie Network… “I’M MAD AS HELL, AND I AM NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE’…. War of the classes, yea, I guess you can call that, when the rules aren’t the same for everyone. One of the places they could start with is…. The Congress person’s. the biggest welfare system we have.. Different insurance than the country has, different wages and automatic raises, and the rest of the bennies… that the average guy or gal will never see… yep, mad as hell and not taking it anymore..
So if you are expecting a change.. don’t hold your breathe… there has always been the very rich and the poor… and some in the middle… back hundreds of years… so if you are hoping for a quick change.. not going to happen…
They don’t have the old saying… the rich get richer and the poor get (poorer or more children, depending on which one you have heard) …. So changing something that has been going on since the beginning of time, isn’t going to change…

Life just isn’t fair… never will be… get use to it…

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Betty said...

Most of the CEOs I've met only have about half a brain, so you wonder what makes them so valuable to a corporation.