Monday, October 10, 2011

The Last Rose of Summer......

These are some of the last roses from my flower garden. They please me.

I love flowers… and firm believer in giving while people are alive.
And I want mine while I am alive.. forget it when I am gone… give them
to some one who is alive. My Aunt was like that as well… she would send
flowers to a family member, in memory of the person who had died.

So thru the summer, I pick flowers and put them in my sink window.. it just
makes me feel good. Also I will put some in the middle of the dining room
table, or the coffee table. (I wonder why they call it coffee table)

And sometimes I will buy some for me. Especially the daffodils in the early spring. It is like bring in some sunshine. And if I see some roses or carnations,
that smell good, or unusual color, I will buy them for the house. And sometimes, I just deserve some flowers…

I have a daughter in law who is wonderful about sending flowers for Mother’s Day, and some times for my birthday…

But the best flowers are the ones I get as a surprise… for no reason. Just because, no reason… My husband is a great one for doing that. So is my two of my daughters. If they think I might be having a bad day… or couple of days, I will
get some flowers… a surprise and some times they say, well, I saw them, and thought of you… thought you might like to have some. How wonderful, to be thought of, when you least expect it.

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