Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Media maniacs

Amanda Knox, is a free woman… well sort of…
If you thought the media was bad when she was in jail, what until she hits U.S. soil. The media will be all over her like flies in July on dead fish.

There will be the war of wills as Diane Sawyer and Barbara Walters fight over who will get to interview Amanda first.

Then you will have the Today show trying to out bid Good Morning American…
And of course there will be the photographers outside of her house trying to get
a pictures as soon as they can.. probably starting as she gets off of the plane in Seattle..

Let’s hope the family can protect her and let her live her life. Especially after
being in jail for 4 years, the last thing she needs is to be in a jail of media spot light.

And hopefully she will be come just a trivia question and answer in a short time,
and let her be… she already lost 4 years of her young life.

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