Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Salesmen can be fooled just as taxi drivers are...

As I told you yesterday, working in the nursing home can be funny.
Today’s tale is about a gentleman and a truck…

One day a man decided he wanted a truck. He lived at the local
nursing home for about 8 years. So he called up the local taxi
and requested a cab.

The cab arrived and the gentleman walked out with his walker
and got into the cab. He requested the driver to take him to
the local Ford dealer.

The gentleman dealt with the salesman for about half hour and
went for a ride in the truck of choice. That the salesman allowed
him to drive… with the walker placed in the bed of the truck.

When he arrived back at the dealership, he gave all of the information
to the salesman. And the salesman gave him a ride back to the
nursing home , helped him out of the truck and gave him the walker.

The salesman went back and worked on the paper work so he could get
the deal thru asap. But he had to called the house number
to talk to the gentleman as most of the credit record was over 10 years old.
Only to find out he was talking to the gentleman’s adult daughter who informed him that….
Dad has been in a nursing home for 8 years.
Dad had his driver’s license revoked 9 years before.
And that the daughter is the one who controls Dad’s money
As dad is delusional and has been for 9 years…
And was just notified by the nursing home, her father had taken
a taxi ride..and just returned.. as they had been looking for him for more
than 30 minutes.

The poor salesman was the butt of many jokes around the dealership.
Don’t know if he still works there or not… as that was over 5 years ago.

These two stories are true, I swear with my hand on a bible…

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