Monday, October 17, 2011

Living in Bonner County, Idaho

When my deceased husband and I moved here with 4 of our children, we
moved to Priest River first… then to Vay. The moving to Vay was frustrating, as we were moving a trailer we had bought in Priest River to land we bought in Vay.
My frustration was with the county. As they required, moving insurance, in case the truck driver broke down on the road.. but he had the insurance, so that was ok…then they required property taxes to be paid in advance. I don’t know what was with that… we had already paid for the trailer property tax for that year. But that wasn’t good enough. They wanted next years up front. Then there was a moving permit. And it seem like it went on and on. The electric was a headache, as we had to have it all installed and the first part was the permit and impact fee of $100. I didn’t see what the impact was besides my wallet..

I was sitting one day thru all of this with my friend Wayne, who had lived here about 10 years before us. After hearing me for a few minutes he told me…” Cis, you got to understand… you have moved to Idaho. And Idaho is like the two bulls on the hill top… One old and one young. When the young one sees a herd of cows below, he tells the older bull, let’s go run down there and get one of those cows… of which the older bull said, no… let’s walk down there, and get them all… That Idaho, especially Bonner County, is like that, they take their time and they get us all”. That story has stuck with me ever since.

So seeing the newest wrinkle in the county commissioners doesn’t surprise me. They haven’t had a good mix up for quite some time… I forgot about the meeting on Thursday.. but I am sure there were a lot of people there giving voice to their concerns… and election next time.. just might be interesting. The commissioners have woke up a sleeping giant, called the citizens.

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