Thursday, October 27, 2011


All these protestors. All the different cities… Thousand of people
at some of them.. Heck, New York is almost like a little city in it’s
self… People sleeping on the streets, in tents, sitting in chairs.
milling around. Food being supplied… paper plates and cups.
Then the first aid tent, massages tents or chairs…

I got to ask.. who is going to clean up this mess when they all
leave? After all they have to leave sometime. The
weather should be turning cold soon in the Northern states.

If you have ever been around an area that many people have
gathered.. even for just a day, there is garbage all over the place.
Even with garbage cans all thru the area… They end up overflowing.
There is garbage left behind, clothing left behind.. lost items.. Dirt,
from everyone walking all over the place…

How much money is this going to cost the city to clean this stuff up.
Every city is complaining about their budgets stretched to the max as
it is… And those in the Northern states are looking at snow coming,
have a limit budget for that. How are they going to clean up and
remove snow?

I think the cities should give each one of the protestors a large bag, and
Half of them, brooms… and let them clean up their mess..

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Betty said...

More importantly, who's going to clean up the Wall Street mess? The protesters have periodically cleaned up their areas, according to the newspapers. Of course, you probably won't hear about that on television. Also, in many instances over the country, they are camped out on private property.