Wednesday, July 24, 2013


We are constantly being told drink this.. don’t drink this…
eat this…. don’t eat this… use this product, don’t use this

This time around it is the electric cigarettes. Which I thought was not a good choice anyway. But for those who want to quit, these electric cigarettes were suppose to be the answer.. Shops popped up every where. In malls, and
other store areas. And they aren't cheap.

But it just didn't make sense to me.. if drawing smoke into your lungs, was not a good health choice, then how could steam flavor water be good for them either.
And sure enough.. out comes a report yesterday, that electric cigarettes are not only bad for you.. but they are saying it could be worse than the cigarette
themselves.  Which is pretty far to go, as the smoke is bad in itself as it has been proven with cancer and etc.

The best thing to do is just give them up all together.. I am not saying it is easy.. and there are several things that are out there to help you, if you are addicted that bad… but with our luck… they are probably bad for you too.

Just make up your mind.. for yourself.. can’t do it for others.. do it for you….
Quit.  Not easy, but doable.


stebbijo said...

Having been around smokers all of my life and tho I have never taken up the habit, I am an advocate for those who are addicted.

First and foremost, the vapor cig does work, but it's in direct conflict with state and federal taxes that are collected thru the tabacco addiction. Obviously, the government sees the popularity of these devices and they want to get a grip on regulating the "nicotine." Is there anything out there that is not bad for you these days? My husband who has smoked since he was eleven went to the vapor cig almost 6 months ago. The difference is MASSIVE. While he is still wrapping his head around quitting, he plans the withdrawal of the nicotine in 6 more months. Cigarette addiction has been labeled as an unwanted "behavior" that is overlooked as an addiction that our governments enable thru the sale of those products. Idaho has it's own statutes that regulate the "emissions" of cigarettes ... it's what they control and agree to put on the shelves. Idaho and the feds haves not made a dime off my husband in the last 6 months except for sales tax ..., some of the methods out there do not work ... as with the patch that can cause heart attacks. No focus on that anymore .. it's always something and there is a risk to eating soybeans these days so I see little harm in the vapor cigarette when it's a much safer alternative to cancer. We can also go places where he can relax and not worry about offending someone by having to stand out in a gutter somewhere to appease a habit that was started thru ads on TV over 50 years ago and remains to be a huge source of revenue for our government. Nicotine addiction is something that are government allows because it makes them MONEY - then they blame it on the consumer. Any state can ban the sale of cigarettes and tobacco products for health reasons, there are reasons they don't.
Nice post, Cis .. you got me goin'. :-)

Word Tosser said...

"Is there anything out there that is not bad for you these days?" That is my point,
I use to smoke.. but don't anymore.. still have kids that do.. what I hate is,what they have done to them, is make them second class citizens.. As long as a person is polite about smoking (not having it in my face) I don't care.. it is a matter of choice.. As long as they aren't damaging others.. it is their business.

stebbijo said...

I absolutely agree with you - you know it! The stigma attached to smokers is "second class" and it's discriminating. Also, most smokers agree, they don't want to smoke around people in their faces ... but we have policies now where folks cannot even smoke in their own car or they have to be 200 feet away from the building. I guess my biggest irritate is the butts... and they are ALL GONE at my house now!! I saw this anti cig movement cropping up years ago as the the template for the next attack which is obesity. Pretty soon, white people will not get to go to the beach because of skin cancer risks ... we will have beach police and we will be forced to wear hats! Don't laugh! I am sick of the "nanny state" that profits from it's own hypocritical agenda.