Wednesday, July 17, 2013


In my cleaning of yesterday, I came across an lab experiment.
This description use to describe a bowl or plate of food that got pushed to the back of the refrigerator and forgotten. Until one day in the cleaning phase, you discover this green mass in a bowl or plate… MOLD…  Use to tell my kids I was trying to discover a new deal like Madame Currie with her mold which produced penicillin… They didn’t buy it, neither did my husbands.

This one was in my coffee pot. We bought a Keurig type coffee pot a year or so ago.. and only use the Mr. Coffee pot when we have guest or if I want ice coffee. As I use the left over coffee from the morning for making ice coffee.  Never could get use to ice tea.

Well, when we had our temps in the high 90’s I was drinking ice coffee.. I guess I must have used up the coffee, but didn't check out the coffee grind area.. as there it was in all its experiment glory… huge and green.. and barf-ly smelly. I put it in the dishwasher and ran it thru … but it still smelt bad.

So I figured I would try the new deal you see on Facebook.
Vinegar, baking soda, and even a splash of peroxide.
I washed out the sink really well… put the grind holder in the
sink, poured vinegar, and baking soda in.. OHHHHHHHHHHH.
I LOVED IT..  it boiled over… I should have taken lab when I
was in high school.. I would have LOVED pouring things in
other things and boiling over.. ha ha…

I looked in the sink and I could see flicks all over.. I thought, why? I had washed out the sink really well.. Must have had some stuff In the drain part.. So I washed the sink really really well, and the drainer.. and did the job again.  And there you see it… all kinds of flicks in it… wow..  so I did it 3 more times before the flicks stopped.  I was so surprised at how much it took out.  Because if I had decided to use it after  the dish washer… look all the left over mold that would have been there.

So I have become a believer.. My new cleanser will be baking soda, vinegar and peroxide.  Maybe I better buy stock in those products.. 

as I am buying the giant size as it is..  J   

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