Monday, July 22, 2013

One of the things I miss.....

One of the things I miss a lot, is my privacy.
I wonder if you can really say, your life is private?
Any one of us.

I have always been a pretty private person. People
only get to know what I want them to know.
But with life as it is now, I doubt that anything about
me is really private.

With very little research, one can find out quite a bit.
Where I live, my phone number (even without the phone book) Who I am married to.. for that matter, who I have been married to and why I am not married to them any more.
How many children I have.  And if they want to pay one of
those sites that will do the research for them.. they probably
can tell you where I worked, how much I made…. And who knows even my income tax information for the past years.

There are so many sources out there that we have no control over. You give information to a couple of sources that you think is safe. Yet they will sell or give your information away at a drop of a dime.

You apply for a loan or mortgage … your information goes out there to all kinds of financial business… some of which have nothing what so ever to do with why you gave the information out.

You go to the doctor…. All insurance companies get that information. From your Social Security number to what your body functions are doing. Be it good or bad.

Your credit rating can effect your driving insurance. They figure if you are a bad credit risk, they you are a risk at your driving as well. If your health insurance sees that you have health issues, your life insurance could be effected.

Tell me what store you walk in, that there isn’t a screen somewhere in that building, that watches you walk into that store and where you walk thru that store? Wal-mart, and such only put up the cameras for you to see, that they want you to see.. you don’t see the lines of cameras and employees who watch them.

No, our privacy is gone… so far, what you actually do inside your house is still your business… until someone of authority ask you about it. And depending on how important it is to them.. and whether you want to spend time in jail… on how much you can guard that.  

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