Tuesday, July 02, 2013


I love sunlight… I live FOR sunlight.. some winter months
of gloomy dreary days… get me down.. when it is day after
day..  I am sapped … no energy.. no ambition at all…

With the weather like it is… this is the part of the
year our house becomes cave like… curtains shut,
shades pulled down… and the AC on, as the last resort.

But the over 98 degrees.. heck over 90 degrees, I am like
a wilted flower, wet dishrag… So it is before 9am and after
8 pm for me to be outside.. 
Thankfully this heat wave is going to be short lived for now, at least.  By this weekend it will be back to the low 80’s.

My biggest fear, is forest fires… like the one they have in
Arizona right now.. What a horrible shame, to lose 19 firefighters.
Those are the hero’s… Our area had one like it in the 1970’s called Sundance fire. Where the ridge was on fire around the town…and the valley full of smoke for weeks. 

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PinkAcorn said...

We cleared all the tress around the house and barn up on our hill in Cocolalla..but I know a roaring fire wouldn't stop it from wiping out everything.