Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Witness for the Prosecution....

Most of us have not be to court, unless as an observer.
And maybe called for jury duty, but didn’t have to serve.

After watching the George Zimmerman trial, I know I would
not want to be a witness. Even though I thought it before, this trial really has convince me that I don’t want to.

Even if I was sure of what I saw, or didn't see.. even if I was
confident that I knew what to say… I know that the lawyers
have a way of twisting thing. Not that I couldn't counter, but
the law does not allow you to do so. You are giving mostly a
yes or no option. You are not allowed to explain, unless the
lawyer allows you by asking a follow up question.  When they tell you to answer yes or no, and neither applies.. you are not given the chance to say they don’t. You have to say, yes…or no.

And especially when it is the other side’s lawyer, you can become the person on trial.  Your reputation can become public record in the court. Anything you may have ever, ever done in your life time can be twisted, if it will help their side, even if it has nothing to do with the case in court. Because to show you are not a good witness, they can judge your actions on anything you ever did, or say, can be held against you.

I really felt sorry for the girlfriend… she held it together pretty well, but they grand slammed her from all sides.

The father of the boy, was made to look like a liar. To me, if
it wasn’t true when you were being question by the police,
then you shouldn’t change your story in the court.. no matter
how much you want to help your relative or friend.

It will be interesting to see how this all plays out. It doesn't look like Mr. Zimmerman will spend any more time in jail.  Even the lawyers being interviewed on different news shows think that. Not even manslaughter.  I, personally don’t think Mr. Zimmerman is blameless. He was told by the police to disengage… he didn't. And the kid wasn't doing anything wrong but walking in a neighborhood that his father
lives in.

And what does this do for the law that protects those who are defending themselves (Stand your ground defense) under the same situation.. will this case give an opening for more of the same?  And I think we have gotten pass the Rodney King riots when Mr. Zimmerman walks. But I am sure there will be those who think Mr. Martin didn't get a fair shake in this.

And the 6 women on the jury, will have a tough time with this. The main play will be the wording of… BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT”… but as mother’s, they have to have on their mind… what if this was my son?

Nope, don’t call me to be a witness, please.. Not that I have done anything really wrong in the past, but I have sure there is enough in my life time that could be twisted to help the other side.  

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