Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Boomer generation? Next up....

Everyone is writing about the Boomers, who
came to age in the 1960's.  We have all the
memories of the 60's coming up.. with last
year's memory of the Kennedy shooting. And
soon they should be bring up the shooting of
the second Kennedy.. Robert.. but that is still
4 years away.   But in the mix, is the shooting
of Martin Luther King. We seem to remember
the tragedies more than anything else.

The 60's were starting to become complicated.
Before John Kennedy got shot we were still
a fairly quiet nation. We had gotten over the
Korean war which was not a war but a policing.
As they call it. And Vietnam was looming in
the side lines. But the shot of Kennedy seemed
to open a Pandora box. People started questioning
everything..  Rock and Roll which started with Elvis
from the 50's, starting to pass on to the Beatles.
Young people were becoming loose in their thinking
and actions.. But still had respect for their parents
who they really didn't agree with in the past.

But the memories of the next generation... the 70's.
That is coming up next, which everything gets looser,
is going to be interesting..

See the 70's were the hippies, "the don't trust anyone
over 30" generation. There were protestors, of war,
and anything else.  The communes of young people
living together in groups.. some of them in the woods.
Making their own village.  Children being born of
unknown father's, just some one in the commune, after
all they shared food, clothes and anything each had.
Children who had names like numbers or words, not
the names of the past of Ed, James, George, Mary,
Melissa, Betty and etc.  But Phoenix, Fire, 4, or after
stars, meaning the kind in the sky.
The leaving the country, heading towards Canada,
to get out of the draft. Public burning of draft
cards.  Parents and their children
losing contact with each other for years..

And the rotting of our government, with Watergate,
and great distrust of the government by those who
were not busy raising children.  And rock and roll,
turn into ROCK .. heavy rock.. yet not metal rock
yet.. The shooting of college kids by National
Guard at Kent College.   Sad times indeed.

Yes, it will be interesting to see how the media
remembers the 70's... wish I would be around to
hear that one.. but the likely hood is slim, and even
if I am, will I have the memory to understand.

For me?  the birth of my last child on Earth day,
a beginning for great times to come.. for me personally.  Great times, but some sad ones as well. but over all. Good ones.  

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Betty said...

You memory hasn't slipped a cog, yet. Good analysis of the sixties and seventies.