Tuesday, January 21, 2014

This is me.....


I came across this picture recently.. and thought
yes... This is me.. what I feel inside... I know
I blogged years ago.. how I always felt younger
than what I am. 

Because of good gene's, I have been able to be
young as I got older.. don't get me wrong.. as I
have said in the past.. I am what I am.. I am a
73 year old woman, who is knocking on the door
or 74, in 3 months.  And the old woman in the mirror
each morning... I know is me..

I don't dye my hair.. it is what it is.. the wrinkles
show life well worn. And most of them are laugh

It is just I have felt younger than my age for some
time.  I felt like I was 28 when I was actually in
my 40's and 50's.. and then later, after 60, I changed
it to 48.
Don't know what the 8's have to do with it.

I am very blessed to be as agile as I am. Again, good
gene's. My father's side. He died at 82 after doing a
summer of haying. My aunt, his sister, passed at 88.
Still dancing to music, and life itself.. So it goes
with the life of the family.   So here I am.. as you
can see at 48... and that is where my mind set is..
except my mind fails me from time to time. And
some mornings it is like 98..
SO  this picture represents me... it the me I see,and feel,
when mirrors are not around..
And as you can see those laugh lines are earned..
Leaving you laughing..

1 comment:

Dimple said...

Howdy! I like the pic, it shows familiar mountains behind your laughing face.

Stay young!