Thursday, January 02, 2014

Routines disarray

Since I retired,  I have found for the most part, I get more
done if I have a routine... Monday and Thursdays it is wash
day.. Tuesday and Fridays, mopping the floors. With rest
somewhere in between. Weekends open and subject to

But this past couple weeks, it has been a toss up. As the King had last Wed. Thurs, Friday off.  And of course the weekend.
I felt off kilter, as he gets up before I do.. so he is watching the off channels.  I forgo my ABC am shows.. no Good Morning America to hear the news... or the local news..  So it is coffee and paper and start of doing things, but then he wanted to do other things that involved
me.  Not a bad thing.. but my routine is falling apart.

This week, it was a weird one as it was normal until Wed. And he is home.. and so thinking that today is Saturday (because he was home yesterday).. nope, it is Thursday.
So back on track today.. except he made a 8am appointment for my car to get it aligned.  But I am in winter hours routine, so I am getting up at 8am.. some times 7:30am.. So this morning it was 6:30am.

I sure will be glad to get to Monday, and then my routine will be more normal... what ever that is.. And this is January.. so that means going thru all the paper work, pull out all the tax related stuff.   I have a folder I have been using for the year, and put 99% of it in that folder, but never
know if I slipped up..  So going thru the monthly folders.

Also, have to make up a goal set for this winter months. Of different projects that I need to get done..  I have put off cleaning out the file cabinet for a couple years.. Also got to downsize again.. way too much stuff.  And also made my
self a promise I would start reading the books that I started collecting over 15 years ago.. to read when I retired..  and I retired 10 years ago.. so should have been doing it.  So that is on the list.

Yep, routines ... some times good.. some times not so good. 

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Betty said...

I haven't known what day it is for almost two weeks, now. Back to normal on Monday, maybe.