Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Pictures from around the neighborhood...

The past month has been such great picture taking, breath taking sunsets.. Only trouble with that is.. when you have night after night of them..  each one, still I stand in awe as I look at it.. and I still take picture from time to time.. but figure people are getting tired of seeing my sun set pictures..

Also I tried the balloon, food coloring, balls again this year.. Did some beautiful ones last year.. but had them in my front yard..... and my neighbor couldn't see them from her house..
So this year, I started them out in my back yard and then transferred them over to her yard on Sunday night.

I try to keep things interesting and entertaining in her back yard. Which faces our side yard.  I have put spin wheels, solar lights and etc. See she has been fighting cancer for 7 years. Thru many treatments.. and a lot of times, for long stretches, she doesn't leave her house. 
She looked out in her yard, Sunday night as my husband was leaving her house... She smiled and then told him.. I never know what to expect 

it starts out with pinks and blues..

Then turns orange... and deeper as it goes down behind the buildings... 

These are the balloon, food coloring, balls of this year.
they are darker than last years... behind you see the solar lights and spin wheels..   Took down most of the stuff
because of winter...

in my yard.. and then she laughed..    And that is what life is about...


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ThomG said...

Never stop taking sunsewt pictures is my motto! They are spectatular.