Monday, April 21, 2014

Maybe Easter Sunday is not a good time to look for the sunrise..

We left here at 5:15AM (yes that is 5 am) .... stopped on the way to get coffee (good thing) and with blankets and camera 
in hand we went down to the city beach to watch the Easter day sunrise....
Knew my bench would be cold.... so laid one blanket out on the bench.. We sat down and put the other
on our lap... it was cold... and then the wind started to whip thru there...  damn it was cold...
the King was starting to get whiny... asked him.. where was his adventureizm? He glared at me.. 
As the wind started whipping up.. it got colder... and we were
hugging our coffee cups..

And these pictures show you what it looked like..  Told him .. if there was no possible sun by 6am
(suppose to be up by 5:45am) then we would head out... it started to rain.... we looked at each other..
and ran for the car... 

At 6:15am.. people started to arrive for what we gathered was a church service..
We left.. and I bet that as the rain started to get serious.. and all the black clouds.. that was one fast sunrise service.

I took the King out for breakfast. .it was the least I could do..
 no sunrise here...
 getting colder and wind whipping
 even the light on the Statue of Liberty is coming on. 

 The King getting ready to head out for the car...

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