Wednesday, April 02, 2014

What would you do, if you could change it?

If you could go back.. (those who are retired) or if
by a magic wand... you could change the job you
have now.. What would you switch your job to?

What person is inside of you still, from when you were 20
and decided to do the line of work you have done all your
working years...  If at that moment when you chose... what
if you could have gone on to do? What was in your heart, but
knew it wouldn't earn you a good living.. or you weren't good
enough at it, to have it be your passion??

I was a late bloomer, as I didn't get a career of sorts..meaning
a job of many years until I was 46 and a widow, so it was by
necessity of survival.  Not that I didn't like what I did.. but a
passion? I don't know... 

So if I could have thrown caution to the wind.. what would
I have been doing?  A drummer.. I love drums..but I have
no rhythm at all... but if God had given me rhythm.. yea..
The other one I had, was a dancer.. not tap, but like Cyd
Charisse. But there I go again.. no rhythm.. Or maybe
something to fill the passion I have for planes.. giving me
courage to fly.. lol.. but it is the sound and seeing them
in the sky... guess that would throw me into being a
mechanic on one.. Which by the way.. when I took that
attitude career test in the 8th grade... the two main high
lights was mechanic and writer... Which I joked around
and said.. guess I could be a writer for Popular Mechanics.
Which at that time was the only real mechanic type

So my question is to you... What passion did you have,
that you wished you could have gone into for a career,
when you were between 20 and 50?
What do you do now, and is it close to what you wanted?
And did you ever act on it.. in a hobby type way..
or a side job?  


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