Wednesday, April 16, 2014

technically difficulties,

For some reason.. my computer is fighting me.. 
It doesn't want to open the program that I use to 
make my blog with...  I usually type it all out on that
and then copy paste to here when I am satisfied with 
what is in it.  Lining up pictures and all that. 

But not today.. so due to technically difficulties,
this is a short  post for too day.. and hope I didn't 
make any mistakes either. 

So hoping I can get some more yard work done.
Actually I am cleaning all the stuff out of the garden
shed, that has been put in there... shoved in there..
In every nook and cranny.  

It is kind of like getting your summer clothes out
and putting away the winter... you get rid of some
of the stuff.. And replace some of the things in what
you hope is a reasonable order.  Then come winter
it is shove it all back into the shed and a mess once

Somethings never change. 

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