Thursday, April 17, 2014

Racing in place....

This is the time of the year that I feel like I am
racing in place..  So much to do.. yet with rain,
wind and just the temps..  I can't do 80% of it.

So I pace myself with cleaning out sheds.. placing
different lawn art in places. Trying to change some
of it around..

In the mix of this is.. I can't do much around the out
side of the house itself...because we are going to paint
the house.  I have cut all the roses back, trying to keep
the climbers in check. Clematis and etc. 

First really decent day, I have to get serious about
clean and scrubbing and scraping off the old paint.
I have been peeling off paint, kind of in the same
fashion as popping bubble wrap.. Start in one place
then jump to another, while talking on the phone or
to someone visiting..  
Then comes the power wash and maybe some more
scraping.  I am trying to give us a goal of mid May.

Then find 4 days straight that is warm but not to hot..
no rain, no moisture at all.. so we can paint. Which
also brings us to what color.  We have an off white with
blue.. kind of a steel grey blue.  We are thinking of
light grey with dark grey around the trim.. But will we
like it for 10 years or more of that?

Here I sit.. with so much to do, yet can't really get
started.  After all, this is still just April, even if it
feels like May.

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