Thursday, April 10, 2014

Tragedy, once again...

Now will they listen? 

Over the recent years of children and young adults
killing fields... the society screams about the guns.
But most of my friends feel it isn't the gun.. it is the
person.  Why aren't the powers that been concentrating
on the person.

Mental illness, and bulliness... They talk a big talk
about bulliness... but rarely is there really something
done about it. It takes a lot for a parent to get a
school to act on it.  Even today...even with all of
the ads and talk shows.. still there are slow acting
schools. I don't understand it.  And of course the
parent of the bully, is in denial... and some times you
can see why the child is like they are.. by seeing the
aggressive parent.

There is also the mental illness. Why else would a
man walk in to a theater and shoot? At the Mall or
even at the bases... like Fort Hood. Why isn't the
mental illness acted upon BEFORE the act?

Nothing upsets me more than to have the media
talk to people who say.. we thought he/she was
strange and acting weird.. Like the man who took
the young boy and went into pre planned hole in
the ground.  Even police have made note of people
they have had to engaged because of complaints,
have said the same.. acted strange.. talked to the
voices and etc.

I don't think every person needs to be institutionalized.
But certainly some action can be done..

And now.. will they listen? will they actually see it is
the person?  After all, this latest one .. there was not
a gun... it was a knife.  A KNIFE... something that can
be found in any kitchen.. or a pocket.. depending on
size.  It isn't the weapon of choice that is the issue..
it is the person... what drove them there to that point?
Isn't there something that can be done?  What are the
warning signs?  Surely it is better to have someone
talked to, looked into.. error on the wrong side, then
to keep going like we are now. 

By the way, maybe some self defense in such cases as
knives.. like using the school chairs to defend and disarm.

And remember the family of the aggressor are part of that
tragic act.  I am sure the parents of that young man were
horrified, as they heard what was going on at the school..
worried about their son.. until the words no parent wants to
hear.. "it was your son/daughter".

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