Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Straw Bale Garden Phase 2

The bales are ready... the conditioning is
done.. I think...  That is where you keep
pouring fertilizer on it. With bone meal and
a few others.. feather meal and stuff I never
heard of before.
 here is the fun project....spacing seeds on a paper towel.

 This is where I tried to get rid of the straw grass
 and help bring in the heat from the sun ..strings are
for the future beans to climb.. got 2 more lines to go
 Here is the greenhouse going up... on top of the raised
 and the last ground garden.

After that is done.. then it is time to put potting
soil on it. 3 inches deep.  Which I put on today.
The recent rains helped and hurt. Helped because
rain is always better than tap water. But hurt
because it got cold.  Suppose to be warm.
So I improvised.. by putting glass on top to
draw the sun.  Also .. I got a good case of
straw grass.. which I was upset about. But
they said in time that would die off.. and if
I was in a hurry, to take and wash the grass
down with vinegar water. So that is tomorrow.

With the coming 70's for Wednesday and Thursday
with high 60's for Tuesday.. and maybe Friday..
Well, it is promising I could get a few things in.
Got to get some onion buds. And also invest in
a soaker hose. As they said a soaker hose is 80%
better than water from a hose from above.

Got some of my seeds ready. Saw on one page..
"On those rainy cold days, and you don't have
anything to do.. here is a quick and fun  project
for you, to get things ready"...   I don't know about
the fun part. But figure it was worth a try.. as I hate
weaning out radishes.. as when I pull the weak ones..
the bigger one comes out as well, half the time.
So here we are.. at the starting gate of the experiment.

Also we have decided to enclose our raised garden in
a green house affair.  Which is leaving us only one on
the ground garden on the other side.  Also have a friend
who lives in North Carolina, and her husband has
large pots.. that sounds like one to try too... Which ever
one does the best will win for next year.  The Eden Project
garden that we started last year.. has produced some great
black dirt in the raised garden.. so excited to see how that goes.

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