Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Depression poster person?

Robin Williams, a man who made us laugh for so long, not just giggles, but belly laughs... so many years of laughter, and he made us laugh so easy..be it a show or on a talk show being himself.. Laughter, we have laughed so much.. and now he has us in tears even as we remember our laughter as we watched our favorite show or movie or just his words.. Mine being Mrs. Doubtfire.. but it is really too hard to name just one.. Yes, we can feel how we laughed even as the tears come right now, as we remember such a great funny man. To me, he is the funniest comedian EVER, so honest and off the top of his head. I guess the only thing I can find in this is.. now he is with his best friend Christopher Reeves. God Bless..Robin.. and thanks so much for the so many memories.. you will never be forgotten.

I know Robin is not the first actor, musician or comedian to commit suicide.
But maybe with the death of Robin, we the people, who know someone who is fighting the fight of depression, will take it seriously. Only those who have lost some one by suicide, understand some of it.. And even those families,
don't understand completely.  
The biggest misconception is, if the person
is happy.. on the outside, everything will be ok.

I am not even going to tell you that I understand. I don't.  I can't imagine the struggle that a person with depression has.  
Just think happy thoughts, some say.. that is kind of a slap in the face.  Do you think if it was that simple, the person wouldn't use that?  
They don't want to be depressed. 
They don't enjoy being depressed. It is a very lonely disease.  
Only someone who also has depression, understands.  And no matter how much it makes you hurt for that person, that you try to understand... you might think you do.. but you don't.  They can't even explain it to you.  Not even a doctor can describe
the pain that one feels, the frustration one feels, the helplessness and the anxiety one feels.   

Maybe with the passing of Robin Williams, there will be more research. Maybe some families will take it more seriously, instead of thinking it will go away on its own.. until they lose a love one.  There are a lot of families who do take it seriously and want to help.  
Maybe better education about depression will help..  I don't know the answers......wish someone did.

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