Thursday, August 28, 2014

Once again COMMON SENSE was killed....

We have all seen it in the news, on the social media, and
read about it... 9 year old kills instructor.

What ever possessed anyone to put a UZI in the hands of
a 9 year old child?  She was too young.. she was too small,
she was too immature...  But it isn't her fault.. it is her parents fault.  And now what.. This child will have nightmares the rest of her life.  She will grow up, knowing full well she shot and killed a man.. accident or not.. doesn't matter.  The sight she had to see, when the man was shot in the head..the blood..the whole mess.. 
well  we know.. they weren't. Common sense
was once again killed that day. And the child pays for it the
rest of her life.

For every miss shot, be it accident, on purpose, this destroys
those who do own guns... For every one of these that happen, there is over 100,000 gun owners who will never be in those shoes. Will never let their guns be used to do harm.. They are the silent majority. Because they don't yell with the NRA.. they sit quietly in their homes, shaking their heads on how this happen. And scared that the few, will get their guns taken away. 

It is like the person who gets in to their car each day and drives
to work, school, or shop.. and never have an accident. Never
purposely abuse the right to drive. Yet be punished by some
one who was on a cell phone, while driving.. texting,
or drunk driving, or on drugs be it prescriptions or not.
The few who make it  worse for those of us who go by the
rules and laws of driving.
Those of us who will pay more for insurance, lose more rights of driving.  The same with guns.. the millions who own guns, pay for the few thousands who misuse guns... leave them in harms way for children.  Who like the  mother who paid for her life, gave the combo on the gun safe even tho she knew her son had a trouble mind. Causing the death of
teachers and children.

But the 9 year old at a target shoot range.. why? There is
enough time for her to learn how to shoot. The thrill of the
shooting.. REALLY?  a 9 year old?  Sorry Common Sense

but you lost this one too...  

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