Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Things to do, places to go, and people to see....

Here we are already more than half way thru August and
I haven't got use to the fact we aren't still in July.

I have things to do, and places to go and people to see..
that is what my dad would say, when I asked him were he
was going.  And that is true of me too..

I haven't gone swimming yet.. And now I probably won't
because I am a 95 degree weather swimmer.  And we had
plenty, but I was busy.

Now I am writing my appointments on the calendar to make
sure I don't miss anything.. and even writing in FISHING, so I won't make plans on that day...

I told the King yesterday, we have to sit down and write up our goals for what is left, so we don't forget anything.. One of which is put the antenna back up on the roof by the chimney. We are only getting 2 channels right now. Since the wind blew it down on the roof.  Channel 4 which is ABC and what I call the DEAD ACTORS CHANNEL... ME-TV. We watch Rifleman and MASH every night after dinner. And either I have a bad memory, or I didn't see as many of those shows as I thought I did.

The King likes Big Valley, Bonanza, Kojak, Adam 12 and Emergency.
Also once in a while he will watch Gilligan's Island, Columbo,Happy Days,Mod Squad, just about any 1960 to 1980 show you use to watch is on the METV.  I called it the dead actor's channel, as most of the actor are dead.  And the question on most days is.. "is he still alive?"

We gave up Direct TV in March... and we really haven't missed it. We also have Netflix, for movies..  And save ourselves $75 a month. $900 a year.

Let me see, I better make up a list of what I want to get done this week.. Keep myself on track.  After all, got things to do, got places to go, people to see.........

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