Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Fair

August 20, 2014
The Fair..

Seems like each year it gets smaller.
Of course our fair is free, so there isn't as much.
But that is fine with me.  We are a small county.

Most of the fair is for kids.. The 4-H kids, as they
get to show off their animals. Show them and then
auction them off at the end of the fair.

The quilts and pictures are my favorite. And the
kids projects is great too.  I saw some of the vegetables,
but didn't notice the flowers this year.. don't know how I
could have missed that.  Even the vegetables seem to
be less this year.

I am not into the carnival part, so don't care to go to the
bigger fairs. But only seeing one horse and one horse
statue.. was disappointing.  Even the cows seem to
be less. Also some of the bigger ranches didn't seem
like they were there.

But I am sure the people of Bonner County will love it.
And the kids sure will.. And it is nice running into old

Fair seems like a sign of the end of summer.  

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