Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Robin Williams is a near perfect comedian. Maybe a little flawed as a human, as we all are. In his own life, out of the spot light, there are thousand of stories of his generosity of not just money but of his personal time. Some on a moments notice. Phone calls to those he thought needed a kind word.  Or jump in on a best friend to lighten his load. You could have asked Chris Reeves. Who was on
his way to surgery, only to find his best friend, Robin in scrubs..and cracking jokes.. to where Chris learn there was a reason to live, no matter what the hurdles were.

He was there with Make a Wish people, a phone call ... he didn't just write checks, he was there in person. His kindness was to the common man/woman that he dealt with in his daily life.

Robin had a sense of humor that was challenged by few. As few could keep up with his Gattening gun speed of comedy.
He took us along roller coaster of fun and laughter,of his movies, shows and talk show appearances... and brought
us along slowly, thru his drama of his other movies. Which made us think.

Is there seriously any one who did not like Robin Williams, as a comedian or even as a man? What was there not to like.

Yes, a near perfect man... and .. yet.. just a bit of a flaw.  Like a lot of comedians, there is depression.. the silent disease.. which took him to
that dark place to end his life.

Those around him have probably second guessed themselves. What if I had knocked on his door just seconds before he put that belt around his neck? A phone called a second before?  Would it changed the end of that day? No one knows the answer to that, any more than any other person who has committed suicide. The closest answer is probably not.. if not then.. then they will later. 

It breaks our hearts, as we want to share our joy that he brought us, with him. Hoping to carry him thru that dark moment. But it isn't to be.

Maybe the gift we can give Robin is to make a difference in the disease of depression. The chances of getting rid of depression, is a slim to none. But maybe Robin has taught us enough to take a bit out of it.

Robin.... we will always miss you. God gives us the gift of life of others in our life time... for just a while... some longer times, some shorter. We can be thankful that God gifted us with you, as long as he did. We weren't ready yet to let go.. But God was.

Robin isn't gone... he will always be with us.. Not just in movies and shows but most of all in our hearts.

Thanks for the memories, God Speed Robin Williams... we will be looking up, for the laughing jiggling stars

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