Thursday, August 07, 2014



He asked me, what  have you been doing?
Nothing much.
He asked me , what did you do?
Nothing much, just this and that.
Oh, he says, I was just wondering.. because you didn't
do your blog yesterday.
Oh.... sh..t.. crap.. I forgot. plain and simple .. forgot.
And I wasn't doing much of anything.. better known as

It was a day of the stars not lining up even.
I went for my walk, came back and weed whacked the
back yard. Then went to go get my hair permed. and that
is where the stars started bouncing around.

First the street was block by a flag person.
Once again the state has decided to come back an
do a little bit of work. Filling in the entrances to each
of the streets to our little town. So once again it is
hurry up and wait. Now I am sitting there, the only
car on the side street to get out. The cars are going
towards the East and I see the West bound ones
waiting 5 blocks down.  Now my side of the road is
clear. So I asked the flag person, why can't I go?
Because the equipment comes and goes across the
road. Sure looked clear to me.. but then one small
piece of equipment hedges on to the side I would have
been on.  Then the traffic is stopped on both side.
We sit there for about 3 miles.  No one going anywhere.
Then the same East bound traffic starts up again. I am
thinking HEY.. IT IS OUR TURN.  I am sure the ones
down 5 blocks were thinking the same, as they had
been there longer than me.  Another 25 cars go by.
Then my flagger tells me, "well, it should hurt for you
to go."... thank you, thank you....  As I headed down
the road, I look back in my rear view mirror, and those
poor people were still waiting. 

So now, I am finally free, head down to the hair do place.
Got to be there before 9 or you have to wait. Well, I pull
in at 9:02 and sure enough, there is 3 ladies there waiting
and one guy. I am told it will be about 1pm before they
can get to me.  No way was I waiting 4 hours. .. and I
wasn't going back home thru that mess.  So went to the other
walk in hair do place at Wally World.  One one girl there and
she is starting a dye job and it will be 2 hours.. So my slumped
shoulders took me out of the area.. but did make an appointment
for Thursday at 9am.  

So figured while I am already there, I might as well pick up some
things I needed. Searched my pockets.. geeeeeeesh... I forgot the
dang list.  So this is where the Alzheimer's test comes in.. how
many things can I remember of the list.  I hate those kind of test.
Answer is .. I only forgot 3. Not bad..

Headed home, and the stars started to line up better, as I got in the
turn lane at McGhee Road instead of going down to my street. I knew
I was not going to make it otherwise, with the long line that was there.
Bingo... turn lane, no problem.. they let me thru... and I told our
secret trail, coming in the back of my street thru the rock and dirt

I did remember to go to the council meeting, so things were better,

but.. for got to do my blog.. See.. I do NOTHING well.  

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