Thursday, August 14, 2014

It is hard to look cool on a bicycle...

Every time I ride my bike, I think of the old lady in the movie
Wizard of Oz.  Maybe it is my basket that does it to me?

There just doesn't seem to be anyway to look cool on a bike.
I have seen a lot of people of all ages... be it male or female.
And we do not look good .... not that we look bad.. but maybe it is just not cool...

The only people that I see, that look good on a bike is
Especially boys.  Girls don't really look cool either. 

Boys ride with authority, be it a mission at the high speed that their legs go like pistons, or just coasting along talking to their friends. They even seem the right portion for a bike.
Adults don't really look right. They don't look at ease.

And then throw in the mix, the guys on the 18 speed bikes,
with their Speedo's and helmet?  Like they are attacking the
bike, like a lion on a deer..... Just not cool looking..

I have never seen myself riding my bike, maybe I should ride
by a store front, but with my luck, as i looked I would hit a hole and flip off the dang thing.

I also can't relax riding.  When I ride over to the post office on my bike, you would think I was being timed.  Always rode it as a kid with speed in mind. Getting from point a to point b, in a timely manner. I see some people pedaling, and then glide thru.. not me.. I always feel like I should be pedaling.

Also I ride illegal. I like to see the cars coming at me.. makes
me nervous to have the cars behind me, when I can't see
what they are doing.. also the worse of worse ... that a REAL
bike rider would yell at me.. I don't like those dumb egg shell
helmets they wear.
I know, I know.. scramble brains... but I am 74 and never like wearing them.. and so far so good. 
Of course I only ride in my own little town now.  

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