Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Storm damage around Bonner County...

I was going to post a quick few pictures yesterday.. but decided to take an extra day, to go thru all the pictures I have.. this is about half of the ones I took.. and only about 1/8 of what I could have taken. 
There was soooooooooooooo much out there. some of 
them, my driver went by at 60 mph, on the highway..lol
so made the lines that were down along 17 miles of highway
impossible to get.. but in Sandpoint, there was so much.
I am sure there are others who will get them.. 
So here is a larger selection of mine.. starting out 
 in the country side by Selle, heading in to town and
the rest are scattered as just pictures to see ..not in
any order.. And remember this is just maybe 3% of 
what it was.. .

Northern Lights working hard to get everyone back on line with power

 Highway 95 homes with roofs peeled. 

 Thees 4 pictures are of a house on the corner of Bronx and North Boyer.. at first doesn't look so bad, until you drive around it.

Fairgrounds faired pretty well..

Super 8 Motel out on highway 95.. had some roof damage.

 this was Home Depot

 Hiway 200 by Emerald Park

 The restaurants did a  booming business during this after storm as well as the other one, due to so many without power, heading in town for meals...that is a standing line to get in...Parking lot full of not only the fallen leaves and branches of the trees across the street but also of cars ... from 5am to 2pm. 

Here are some pictures from around our neighborhood..
this is a neighbor's house

 This is on Humbird Street near the hwy 200
 These are from downtown.. the marina and near the Daily Bee 
 Streets of Sandpoint

This is the home of the Sun Bear ice cream truck which
is Misty's favorite person.. She lost all the ice cream, with 
no electricity.. That tree is across their whole property, so
blocked from leaving.. to get plugged in else where. 

Back out to Humbird Street in Kootenai

 This is Hope Street in Kootenai

 near Kootenai School.. Hope Street.

Old Kootenai Community Church on Sprague Street in Kootenai

 this tree came across the street from this property.. and went across the street blocking the road, hitting the house on the other side ... as you can see below...

Back out in the country..

With all damage down around the county.. I hate to
even mention ours... but these are the two worse things
for us... and Yes, we do still use an antenna..and even
with it down.. we still get channel 4.1 and 4.2. So not
as bad as it could be.. when we put it back up,
we will get the other 10 channels. .. 

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