Monday, August 11, 2014


Truth, what ever happen to it.. is it like common sense.. dead? 
There is truth as we know it.. meaning it is only as good as the
source we quote.

We, that are over 40 remember watching the news with our parents
and later ourselves... Chet and David, Walter, all who reported the
news as it was. We knew it was the truth. Now it is a different breed all together.  You watch and wonder. You hear of the slanted Fox News. That is a joke to most with the exception of  the die hard Fox News fans.
MNBC is slated the other way. I don't think of those as reporters, they are opinionated reporters. Telling us how they see things.  We want the black and white news.. It is what it is.. News.  But that no longer is around.

Then you have the politicians,  who will tell you anything  to get in the office.
Some tell you what you want to hear, so the message is different from state to state.  Even one of the presidential candidates actually said it.. just get the message out they want, just as long as it gets me into office.  But he is far from the only one. Politicians have had trouble with the true since the days of Adam's President
term. Congress was at that time, filled with the fast and furious of lies. Oh, I forgot.. it isn't called lies anymore.. it is called spin... Their spin, their opponents spin.. the Fox News spin, the MNBC spin and the bloggers spin.. Not lies.

But we can't leave it at the feet of the politicians, it all the different countries, the county you live in.. Wall Street.. it is everywhere.  To the point, we probably wouldn't recognize the truth...  Commercials, that make promises we know not to be true..  Even everyday... truth escapes from you and I from time to time, and Facebook, well we won't even go there, I, myself, I tried to always tell the truth.. One reason is my memory is not good enough to remember the lies. I remember the truth. Also I have taught my children to always tell the truth. It is better to face the music and tell the truth and get it over with. Your worth and word is only as good as you telling the truth..And I tried to be a good example of that.

What was Jack Nicholson's famous line... THE TRUTH? THE TRUTH? YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!!... 
and you know, maybe he is right... if we were told the truth by everyone for just a day.. the honest to goodness truth... we just might be horrified to the point, we might  give up. As long has we have the other word... we might just hang in

there... that word?  HOPE. 

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