Monday, August 25, 2014

What is in your wallet?

What is in your wallet besides your cards and money?
Is there any pictures in there?

Remember when every one had one of those fold out
clear things that had pictures in each one and on the back
side as well.

There was girlfriend pictures.. then wife picture and of course your folks.  And then along came children.. and then grandchildren.

Does anyone have that in their wallet anymore?

Now it is your smart phone .... you click on the app. and
you can show up to 200 pictures..maybe more.
You hand the phone to your friend and show them where
to push to go to each of the next picture. 
Flipping thru vacations, family, scenery, selfies and etc.

But I miss the photo's in the wallet. One thing it seems like
they were bigger. But there was the graduation pictures of
your girl.. or your wife... or your kids.. 

No one carries pictures in their wallet anymore. I think the
folding clear thingie.. holds different credit cards, or store cards.

What is in your wallet? 

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