Monday, August 18, 2014

Highway 95 Adult Guessing Game

You know when you were traveling with your kids,
you made up games for them to be entertained?
This was before hand held games and tv cameras in
the vehicle to have for them, to watch movies...

In the 1940's and 1950's when families use to take
vacations across the good old USA... there were games,
of counting license plates and which states they came

In the 1970's there became the violent of slug bug...
I modified it for my own sanity to just counting slug bugs.
For those who don't know.. slug bug was the Volkswagen
beetle car... In my game, you had to yell out the color as
well as the slug bug.. slugbug orange, slugbug green and
etc.  This game was carried over to grandchildren..
especially between Michael, our grandson and his grandfather.

Well, now we have the game of WHERE THE HELL IS THAT
ON THAT ROAD?.   This is the game that the King and I have
started every time we come back from the Coeur d' Alene area.
We see the roads from the south bound.. but it is too hard to
figure out from there.  So when we come back, we play it.

There are roads going off thru a field near Athol... there are
other roads along the road we are traveling.  Are they secondary
roads/frontage roads or are they going to be the real thing?  
There is the roads that look like they might be ones going to
Farrgate Park. Or Bayview. We aren't sure..
There is the bridge over the road that use to take us to Bayview..
And what is going to happen to the road we are using now? 
Is it going to be come a frontage road?

This one road is going to take the curve out near Granite Hill.
But where do we join that road? And leave it?

And of course, being this has been worked on for about 3 years
so far... in detail that is.. there was small stuff before that, like
putting in the frontage road that pushed the junk yards back..
BUT WHEN IS IT GOING TO DONE?  And we ask ourselves,

will we be still alive to drive it?    

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