Friday, February 24, 2006

Blogs that I Like to Read

On the right you will see in my
blog links CDADAVE... this is a
great blog in many folds.

First and my favorite is the post
cards of old time Coeur d' Alene.
From beaches to buildings and
streets. Great pictures. And going
wwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaay back.

Then there is the funny sense of
humor. And the thoughts that make
you think. So it is laughter or yea,
why is that? that comes to mind as
you read.

Now he has taken on doing
words on pictures that are a hoot.
He takes pictures that he has seen
some place and writes in his own
words for them to be saying.

And last but not least, he knows
everything you want to know about
music from the 60's to the 90's.
And the odder the band, the more
information he has. If you have
questions about any of that
music, I surely would be
surprised if Dave didn't know
the answer.

Then for a side line, he has
something to stretch your
brain. So be sure to look
at the bottom and see not
only word for the day, but
word match, and other great

The name of this blog is
THIN AIR........ and
CDADAVE is the master
behind the blog.

Oh, almost forgot, don't
miss the very bottom of
the page... Great links
to Beatle information.

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little ol' me said...

Hey, much do I owe ya for all the publicity? I just kinda put a little bit of everything in my blog; it's not meant to explore one issue in great detail. And, doing the fotos are fun. I've posted two more, by the way. I see you added a CLOCK to your blog. You'll get the hang of this computer thing yet~