Thursday, February 09, 2006

No Fool like an Old Fool....

Yesterday I was getting my
mail. I saw that a new modular
home was up for sale.

They had just put it in last Spring.
So being I am asked from time
to time about different houses
for sale or rent in Kootenai,
I decided to go to the box
where they had the pictures
and information.

Getting there wasn't easy.
You had two choices. Go up to
the door and circle around to the yard
as the driveway is sloped deeply.
Or go down into the ditch and up
on the other side, which was low.

Well, I consider myself pretty
agile, so I start to step down
the ditch. It is pretty steep,
so decided to just jump the
rest of the way.

Not a good decision. As
I landed, my boots
planted into the mud, which
threw me forward, and down
on my knees and hands.

Not a pretty picture. As I
am a very round old broad.
So here I am ..stuck feet.
Mud on my knee's of my
jeans, and hands.

I get straighten up, but
my feet are still stuck. Well,
my boots are anyway. I
tried to pull them out for
several seconds, then
decided to throw caution
to the wind.. and stepped
out of the boots.

I have muddy, knees,
hands, and now socks. I
grabbed ahold of the boots
and pulled them out. It took
all I could do to pull them
out, almost falling backwards.

I looked around, luckily did
not see anyone. Hoping no
one saw me... put my boots
on with my muddy socks.
Take the paper, and then
headed to the road.

Which was down the ditch
and another upward climb
up the ditch. By this time
dignity has left the premises
and I crawled the rest of the

All this for a piece of paper.
But if you want to buy a
modular home in Kootenai.
It is across the street from
the post office and they are
asking $168,000 for it.

today I walked to the Post
Office. Amazing what you
see when you walk instead
of driving. See on the side of
the yard there was just a small
slope about 7", that I could have
walked down with ease.

So to answer the question,
in my comment area.
"Can I laugh now?" The
answer is yes, of course.
I firmly believe....
If you can't laugh at
yourself, then you should
not laugh at others. So
let it rip.


Toni said...

Oh, Cis, I am glad you weren't hurt and nobody saw can I laugh???

jb3ll3 said...

mud, steep embankments, ditches, ditching...sounds like just another day at the office here! xo