Thursday, February 16, 2006

Your Collections?

Why do people collect things.
that aren't really valuable.

The King collects key rings
and baseball caps. Not the
real baseball caps. Just
ones like NAPA, NORMCO,
etc. He has collected caps,
I think since he was a teen.
With out lying, I swear he has
100. The closet has about 15
in the front room. In the bedroom
is another 15. In boxes in the
garage is at least 20. Around the
house on different hooks must be
another 10. And in the big garage,
I lost count. They seem to breed
in boxes. I open a box up in the loft
of the little garage and there will be
another one or two. Even in the
Christmas boxes.

Key rings is the other thing that
he collects. ..One that has a school
bus on it. Some have keys,
some don't. He has them
with Coleman lanterns, tiny
cars, wrenches, and etc.
Some are triangle, some
are square but most are
round. There must be
40 key rings on the key
holder in the kitchen.
We use probably 5 of
them. Then he has more
in drawers and in his
jewelry box. He goes to
a show or display place,
if they are giving away key
rings, he got one of each.

I am not much better. I
have a collection of
coffee mugs. I have
Christmas ones,
I have pansy cups,
I have one that has an
old man on it... with
the saying .."When
they asked you how
old you are...." and
then in side it tells you
what to say. Which I
can't tell you on this blog.

I have cups from friends,
I have cups that struck my
fancy at yard sales. I found
one at a second hand store.
It is a Bailey cup. It has a
female face on it, smiling,
saying "YUMMY" and I have
the matching male one.

I have mostly round ones, but
I also have triangle one, and
square ones. Little ones, large
ones. Scenes, animals, Christmas
lights, people, Business logo's.
I must have at least 60 cups.

And I gave a bunch away.
This doesn't even count the
ones we use daily.
What good are these? I
have tried to go thru them
and get rid of a lot of them.
But when I start looking at
them and the neat shapes,
and sayings... Well, I still
have them...

The other thing I collect is
music boxes. They come in
different shapes. Piano, a
record player with the horn,
dolls, teddy bears, water
fountains, clowns and etc. Some
are hymns, some are classical,
some are the usual. Except I
refuse to have one that plays "It's
a Small World". Can't stand that

I have one that plays Some
Enchanted Evening. It is a quarter
moon with a clown on it. Some are
on a high shelves that I had the
King make for me. Some are in the
living room, in the bedroom. On my

They are kind of like the teddy bears
I had. You get one or two. Pick on up
at a yard sale, some one sees it at
you home, gives one or two next thing
you have got 30 of them.
I finally gave all but 4 away. I kept the
one my aunt made me with moving arms
and 3 little ones given to me by special

All the rest have gone to kids.
Oh, I forgot the one that sings Old
MacDonald, and the one that snores.
They are up on the other shelves
collecting dust with the black cat,
and the frog that sings.

I often wonder what will happen to
all of these when I die. I guess the
kids will take them to the Goodwill.

So what do you collect?

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stebbijo said...

I collect dust. ;-)

My mother started a beautiful set of antique head vases for me. I had to sell them. I still have a few antique glass shoes - but I don't really collect any nic nac things. If I see a nice antique bowl/glassware - I might pick that up.