Friday, February 03, 2006


Well, it is TGIF and I lost
a day. After I hit publish
yesterday, it dawn on me
it was only Thurs. I guess
I am trying to push up the
date so I can watch
Super Bowl...

I am suppose to be cleaning
up the house as we are
having guest tonight for
the weekend. It is my
in--laws. The guys are
going to be working on
the car. And my sister
in-law and I hang out.

We do yard sales in the
summer time.Don't know
what we will have on the
agenda but what ever we
do, we have fun doing it.
She is the greatest. And so
much fun to be around.

So I suppose I should go
start making this house
look like it is lived in and
not just walked thru... You
know, take off your coat,
throw it on the back of the
couch. Kick off the boots
where ever you came in at.
We aren't slobs, we are
just comfortable.

So have a great time
watching the game...
And here is a Seahawks

Terry Bradshaw, after
living a full life, died. When he
got to heaven, God was showing
him around. They came to a
modest little house with a faded
Steelers flag in the window.
"This house is yours for eternity,
Terry." said God. "This is very
special; not everyone gets a house
up here." Bradshaw felt special,
indeed, and walked up to his house.

On his way up the porch, he
noticed another house just around
the corner.It was a 3 story mansion
with a blue and white sidewalk, a
50 foot flag pole with an
enormous SEAHAWKS flag,
and in every window a blue Towel.

Bradshaw looked at God and said,
"God, I'm not trying to be ungrateful,
but I have a question. I was an
all-pro quarterback, I hold many
NFL records, and I even went
to the Hall of Fame." God said,
"So what's your point
Bradshaw? "Well, why does Matt
Hasselbeck get a better house than
me?"God chuckled, and said,
"Terry, that's not Matt's house, it's
mine."GO SEAHAWKS !!!!!!


LucilleNT said...

So whose house isn't lived in, so is ours. Loved the story about Terry...and God a Steelers fan....

Word Tosser said...

NO NO NO.....God was the Seahawk

stebbijo said...

I did that and thought I had another day to work! I was so relieved when I figured it out! Easy enough to do.

TGIF - a sure deal!

God's Helper said...

Good one. Glad to see it was their problem.

jb3ll3 said...

damn right! Go See At!