Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Good Day to Slay Dragons

Today is going to be a busy
day away from the computer.

First of all, Tuesday is my
only honest day of work.

Second, this day is the
day for me to slay the dragons.

First on the agenda is to
vote against the Rec. Center.
Already stated my reasons on
a former blog of mine. Still don't
understand why my town does
not have a voting place, yet the
City of Sandpoint has two!!.
And it is going to be in our town.
Sounds like a stack deck to me.

Third is the air. Another stack deck.
We have a local business which fouls
our air with sawdust and saw pieces
from their product. The pieces come
when they have a wind storm and the
piles are above the net. Which they
have been good about that since
about November. First time in years.

Second we get the sawdust from
from the stack itself. Some, reason
that is where breathing problems come
from.This stack blowing the real fine
dust. We call it the Kootenai cough.

So this Tuesday they have a quiet
meeting going on with the DEQ at
the Elks Hall. My words of a stack
deck come to mind, because if it
wasn't for someone spotting the
announcement in the public section
of the paper in fine print, the rest of
us wouldn't have know.

I am going with my pictures and
samples. They want a wood burning
equipment to replace the steam one
they use. We don't want it. We know
that this company has not been a
good neighbor to all of us. Those of us
who have had to wash our cars many
times. Those who have shoveled the
sawdust out of their business. And
yards. So we don't believe that this is
going to improve things. So we are
going down to voice our opinion.

Will they get it anyway..probably.
As nothing has come from our other
protest, except the net, that they tower
over most of the time. But we want to
be heard.

We shall be the squeaky wheel.


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Toni said...

We are heading to Northside this afternoon to cast our no votes, hope it does some good...seems anymore every bond passes, to heck with the old folks..

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Bloggers Rule!! Go Ladies!