Friday, February 10, 2006

Blogs that I Read

Last week, I mention one of the
blogs that I read. Your Choice.
That she had made me blog
of the week on her blog. And
told you how great of a blog
she has and how helpful she
is. She has all the bells and
whistles. And she is funny.

So I thought maybe from time
to time, I might mention others
that I read and why.

The blog I read from time to
time is called Doing it Again
I don't know how to do it so
you can click on it. So if that
doesn't do it...go to the right
side and find my list of links
to other blogs. I say I read it
from time to time, because she
posts about once a week.

The reason why I read this blog
is a couple of reasons. One, I
have known this writer for about
30 years. For about 4 or 5 years
we were neighbors. Her kids
are the same age as some of
my kids. And now she is raising
her two grandson's.

Which is the second reason,and
why I talked her into writing the
blog, and I read it. I think it serves a
purpose. One, it helps her, get her
thoughts about how it is going.

The other which is most important,
is if anyone who is raising their
grandchildren, they can see they
aren't alone.

There are many, many grandparents
raising their grandchildren. Some
are due to an accident that takes
the lives of the parents. Some
parents die of overdose or are in
prison. Some because the parent's
can't be good parents.

A lot of them are due to drugs, and
sadly due to child abuse. And when
some one reads her blog, they will
see that is just the case here.

This is a rough life. These two
grandparents should be enjoying
life. Traveling, and doing all the
things that people their age do,
when retired. But instead they
both put their lives on hold to
take care of these boys. They
have had them for 12 years
since they were 2 and 3.

This has been a very rough
road to travel for them. I don't
know if I could do it. Especially
with all the problems that come
with kids in these shoes.

I admire this family. I have the
greatest respect for the grand
parents. Not because they are
my friends. But because I know
I could never have done what they
have done or will have to go thru
yet. The boys are in their teens

This is not for the lighthearted.
There is more bumps than there
are joys. But there is joy, and
there is love. That and the
Lord are what gets this family
thru each day.....
Day by day, by day.

A family that lives....
One day at a time, Dear Jesus.


God's Helper said...

Thank you for the kind words. WE love you too. Now stop and think who it was that worked so hard to help me learn not to be dependent on everyone else. With that knowledge, love of friends and my Heavenly Father. We will make it and have some time to ourselves. Unless we end up with Great Grandchildren. OH, NO, slap my face!!! Love you gal

stebbijo said...

Thanks Word Tosser. I am going to roll through my blog list and keep highlighting the ones I know and who comment. It is my way of saying thanks. I missed your write up on me.

I am not around little children much anymore, I don't think I would have what it takes to raise children all over again. One must admire those who later in life who have the patience and skills to do it again. Thanks for sharing your firends blog. Sometimes the write up is what you need to bring it to a persons attention.

maureen said...

wonderful blog, cis. You have been a great "coach" for me too.
God Bless those Grandparents and the others that are raising their children's children. Their reward will be here on earth and also in heaven.
I love you

LucilleNT said...

Great comments, your friends are lucky to have you too.

LucilleNT said...

Great comments, everyday we are surrounded by angels and they come in all shapes sizes and forms..thank you

Toni said...

Finally, I can get in to post comments after blogger problems all day yesterday.

What a grand undertaking, something I could never do.......I have read this blog for months now....