Monday, February 27, 2006

Have You Walked thru These Doors?

Have you walked thru these doors? Posted by Picasa

Have you been thru these doors?
For years it was like the bar on
television,Cheers.... everyone
knew your name.

Janice, Ethel and all the rest of
the girls who worked there over
the years, would pour you a cup
of coffee, before you hardly sat

At breaks, and lunch time, you
would find the rest of the IGA girls
in the corner booth by the door
to the store. Mama Gors, holding
court with her jokes, having Ralph,
Angie, Betty, Shirley and the rest
of the girls in stitches. The laughter
would ring thru the resturant as well
as the store.

There was sadness there too... as
the orginial owner, Mr. Marley died
near by those doors, as a burgler
waited for the place to close. And
Harold surprised him and was shot.

There was gossip, lots of gossip.
If you really wanted to know what
was going on in Sandpoint, all you
had to do is open your ears.

John Campbell in there spinning his
fishing stories and talking politics
way before he ran for the office in
Boise. Yes, you went in there...
and everyone knew your name.....

And now, as you can see the doors
are ribboned a part of
Sandpoint gets ready to fall to
the ground.

Good bye, laughter, good bye,
tears, Good bye IGA .........


Toni said...

Yeah, its called progress, Cis, for what it's worth.

Dogwalkmusings said...

Yeah. Progress. Isn't always for the better. It takes so little for a town to lose the character that defined it.

stebbijo said...

My mother used to wait tables here and work in the kitchen part of the restaurant. It was quite a hub.