Wednesday, February 15, 2006

We Need to Know NOW???

Why do we need to know NOW?
Why is it we can't wait until the
whole truth is gathered? What
is it? Entitlement? It is only the
matter of 2 to 4 hours, sometimes
it is 24. What is it we think we will
miss, if we aren't informed immediately?
We have to know in seconds of
something happening. The everyone
gets upset if it isn't instant. .Some
of this rush has ended
up with misinformation.

Cheney hasn't rushed in front
of the cameras to explain who,
what, and why. The fact the man
might want to be with his
friend and his family, as they
go thru this. Especially with
some setbacks in the health
of the victim.

What do they want a confession?
A Jimmy Swaggert type of tears
and sorrow?

I saw in the paper that a young
lady who has started a group called
SMAC'M which is a group against
children molester. It is a nice thing
to make people aware. She is after
the molesters who drive thru a town
and will see her ribbons and etc.
Telling them to move on. Sadly, the
drive thru molesters, are in the low
percentage. It is the friend (?) of the
family or the family members them
selves who make up the bigger
part of the percentage.

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