Monday, February 13, 2006

Soap Box..Not Seeing Eye to Eye

I sure am not seeing eye to eye
with the politicians.

The King brought home the local
fish wrapping paper. Others call
it the Bee. In there are the words
of wisdom of one Ray Miller the
mayor of Sandpoint. In his great
wisdom he wants to lease the
Memorial Field to the
Lake Pend Oreille School District.
Because he figures it will take
$500,000 to renovate the grandstands.
He is figuring out a 20 year lease for

His words of wisdom are:
"We could put this burden on the
taxpayers, but working without
a long -term lease with
the school district seems like a
better way to go"

Well, to me, I don't know...but
the school district is paid for by
taxpayers. Isn't it? So be it the
city or school.. it is a taxpayer.
Of course, what he is after, is the
county taxpayer rather than the city.

So I got to ask.. We are on the
edge of being levied again for
a facility bond for increased school
room. This time around it is going
to be a doozy. See the school says
they can't add on to the high school.
No room they say.

So that means the school district is
going to buy land. Oh, that ought
to be a doozy. At the prices of land
now? Then build a whole new school.
And that is all the talk right now.

But what about the rest of the schools?
You know the middle school isn't going
to be big enough. So will they shift to
the high school we have now? And
then you have all the elementary
schools. The Kootenai school is
stretched to the playyard in to 3
modular units.
This is the surprise at the end
of the tunnel we are going
thru now.

And they want us to take over
the Memorial Field? Well, if
the school has $500,000 to
throw at a grandstand, then
they won't need so much for
their levee right?

And in the background
raving up their engines
is the Rec. bill, being
rebuilt with a outside
Management company.
Who is going to change
enough of the 5,000
people's minds to pass

Well, guys, if you have
that kind of money, put it
into the building. Also you
might learn a lesson from
the soccer field off Hwy 95.

You know the one everyone
was all pumped up to have.
The land owner even gave the
land to them, (lucky for him,
with a cause to say it returns
to him, if it isn't used). A contractor
brought out gravel and etc. for
the field. Does any one
care that it isn't used anymore?
At least the owner gets it back
But the nice deeds of those who
DID NOT ask the taxpayer to pay
for that, has gone to the wayside.
(Maybe they can talk to Floyd and
see if he will donate the land to the
school district in trade off for his name
on the school. McGee High School,
does have a nice ring to it.)

So how long before the GREY
Elephant in Kootenai will go there
too, with the taxpayers money.
And when he sells it, will he give
the taxpayers money back.
Yea, right.

And then there is Bush's great
plan to sell 26,000 acres in Idaho
alone. Not counting Washington
and California land. For what? To
pay for backwoods schools and
roads. ( we don't qualify)Yea, and
he has some riverfront property
for sale for you in New Orleans. .


stebbijo said...

I got it! Let's all get together and buy some of that public land that is for sale and start are own town! I wonder if it is cheap?

Word Tosser said...

If they were charging only a dollar an acre.....all I could do is running up and down the riverside and say, Aint that cheap... lol