Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Where did all the ........

The words to Where did
all the flowers go
me of Sandpoint.. At least
the Sandpoint that those of
us have been here 20+ years.

Where did all the little shops
go, long time passing...
Where did all of the little
shops of a long time ago...
They went to become real
estate offices...
When will they ever learn
when will they ever learn..

On my quest of what to show
The Golly Gals in Sandpoint,
I drove thru town last week.

I was shocked to see that the
small shops that sold, gems,
and other stones were gone.
Also a few others are gone or
will be soon.

In their place are real estate
offices. I couldn't count them
as the traffic was wicked. And
on First Avenue there is
construction going on taking up
the block, so you have to dodge
to the right to get around it.

This is the building that Coldwater
Creek is taking over. The very same
company that kicked out all of the
small shops in the Cedar Bridge.

There were quaint books stores,
games, and ice cream shop, and
candy shop and Idaho crafts by
locals. Always something new
and affordable.

Even the little first floor
restaurant had fish and fry
on Friday nights . $4.95
all you could eat. And
Chowder that tasted great!

Ah, yes, where have all the
little shops gone? To the
graveyard, everyone....

My one question, with
all the real estate offices
down there in the middle of
town. On the one main street
called First Avenue.... what is
going to happen when the
market falls like it always
does. After all real estate is
a cycle... will that finally
kill off Sandpoint, the very
thing that all of the people
in Sandpoint have been
trying to save with the new
freeway wanting to come in?
Will there be no Sandpoint
left to see? Maybe we
can make it all a lawn
from Second Street to
the water


Dogwalkmusings said...

Good Post Cis.

Bay Views said...

Just the real Estate offices, which are kind of a boom and bust thing.

Sandpoint will survive just fine, and maybe better without them.