Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Am I a foo foo girl yet?

In the Spring of the year.. my sister in law talked

me in to having my toe nails done.. You got to understand..

I do my own…. Not well.. but over the years if I wanted

a little color in the summer, then I did my own. Like I said,

not well.. I don’t color in the lines well. But she got it for my

birthday present.. so you can’t refuse a birthday present.

Then my daughter hit me up a couple months later, to go

with her.


I have to admit, it was fun. And it was really actually very

nice has they massage your calf muscles as well as your

feet. Which is kind of like someone scratching your back,

nice if done by someone else.


Then this past weekend, my daughter suggested we do

a girl’s day together and get our nails done. She was going

to a company Christmas party, and wanted hers done. So

figured ….why not.  I had seen my sister in law’s on Facebook

and it look pretty cool… so there I was… getting my nails done.


Now I haven’t had my nails done in about 50 years, other than

me doing my own.. again.. not well. But ok.. and they peeled.

Also remember what I said about not being able to stay in the lines.


This poor gal had her work cut out for her.. I am not careful with

my hands.. and if this was summer it would definitely be a waste

of time and money.  But some were long…well, for me long.. and

some were short (broken off).  We opted for gel.. Which is where

they glue on these huge (think of witch nails 3 inches long) nails on..

and then they trim them to the length you like..

(kind of like shoeing a horse) with clippers and an electric drill like file.

Looked pretty nice.. but white. After a few coats of hardener on…

she put the red nail polish I requested… then she put a snowflake on

my thumbs and a spray on my ring fingers.. look pretty nice.  

You judge..


So does that make me a foo foo girl?  Not quite…. As while my

daughter was waiting for me to finish.. she went in the back room,

and had her eye brows shaped… You know where they put the

tape on you, and then pull it off fast.. I figured it was in the back

room, so the clients in front don’t hear you scream… nope..not

for me.. this is no foo foo girl…    

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