Thursday, December 13, 2012

Nails and Keyboards....

As I posted before, I got my nails done.. which means

they are longer than I have ever grown them naturally.

They are pretty to look at, I have to admit…but not practical.


Typing on the keyboard has turn out to be challenging.. Not

so bad here, as my typing letters are bigger and I am taking

my time, as I type my thoughts..


But it has been a disaster on Facebook and in the comment area

of friend’s blogs.  First the letters are way smaller so the misspelt

is not quite so obvious. Add to that, the fact I type fast and then

hit the send part.. now on Facebook, I can edit it…but blog comment

areas that is not so.. once sent.. it is there for all to see… my friends

must think I have lost my mind or don’t care.


It isn’t that I don’t know how to spell… well, I am not the best but normal

words I do fine.  It is because these nails get in the way. First they slip

and hit the neighbor key, or the key doesn’t go down when touched

by the fingernail.  So there is it is… misspelt, missing letters, and letters

that don’t belong there.  E’s seem to be problems.. either not showing up

or getting too many of them.  Like the name of the post from the day before.

It was suppose to be …the head…but came out thee which I left as it applied even more to the tone of the post.


They say these things last up to 8 weeks.. well, either, I better slow down

and read as I type…. Or give up typing. Lol.. like that is going to happen.

I don’t know how women who have long fingernails do this… and a lot of
them have longer ones than I have.   

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