Monday, December 31, 2012

The End of the Year Thoughts

It is the time of the year to look back in our thoughts of what the year has been like.
More or less another year blown to hell…

As I look back, I think of 2012, as the year of sadness.  It isn’t because of the economy. That is bad enough in itself.. but actually, the economy is trying raise up, and with one foot on the ground, the other on its knee.. as it tries to come to a stand,
we still have the chicken little’s put it down at each corner, with rumors and downplays.

What I find is not only the sadness of Connecticut  26 people with 20 of them being children…the firemen drawn to a fire, only to have the owner kill two, wound two others, the mall and the theater also in play.. where the mentally ill feel killing
others will solve what ever problems they have… finding out it doesn’t and killing themselves most of the time.    

It is sad that Congress is granted a raise… while they are suppose to be finding way to make cuts… using military, education, and the disable the first cuts… yet never cut their own wages, benefits. Not wanting to have those over the $250,000 pay more taxes,
because that would mean themselves.

It is sad, that the nation as a whole spent 2012, fighting with itself, over what is right for the people.. with the Democrats thinking of party only… and the Republican party being in such a disarray that they didn’t know what they wanted, what their own policies were, and so split among themselves they couldn’t  bring up a candidate that the public could trust.  And when the public decided that a known President was better than a flip flopping candidate whose own son says now.. that his heart was never in it. It showed.
But rather than bring their group together, find a common ground, and bring their thoughts back to the 2000 year and out of the 1940’ thoughts on women, and other minorities.. they chose to blame the Democrats and the public.  

We still have a Congress who rather fight parties, than to come together for the country. This year has been the worse year for this…and the whole country feels it. That is why I find this, the saddest year of all..

So let’s hope that the year 2013, will find us looking for some of the golden moments, instead of trying to find the warts of life.   Let us know we still live in the best country of all. Why else would so many still want to run across our borders?  May we find solutions to our ills, instead of looking  for blame.  May we find kindness and give kindness, instead of looking for how to destroy others.

May our government start to make us proud, instead of shaking our heads in disbelief.

HAPPY NEW YEAR, to you all.. may 2013 bring you health, safety and joy.

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