Friday, December 21, 2012

Reflections of life...

What you are here? Does that mean the world didn’t end?
Just as I expected…
So I decided to do honors to the this short day….

Life is good.... and I am so blessed...
I love the whiteness of the winter... it is cleansing of the soul with its pureness...
I love the stillness of the winter forest.... silence is golden

I am at a good place in life. I have so much to be grateful for.. Children that I am proud of.. with grandchildren who are becoming adults themselves with their own children. All of them great people, and it amazes me that they are my family.
And a husband who treats me like a queen, even when I don’t act like one..

I am amazed at people who call me friend.. especially sometimes I am not too proud of myself.. they raises me with their wings,
of hope and things will be better... and feel grateful when I can do the same for them.

I hope out of tragedy of the past month, that there grows an attempt to understand instead of blame.. to stop yelling at each other, and to try to see how to help our fellowman. There be one step of peace, one comment of praise and positive that others will see it and try their best to do the same.

So on this day of short hours.. may we take time to smell the roses of life.. and appreciate what we have.. and how blessed we are


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